Prevention  is better than the cure, it is also easier  and
more economical. Protect the investment of your pool and
ensure  that the service you recieve is always the best!
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Jonathan Ort
Diamond by Wet Pool Services

These are the services we offer at  Diamond by Wet Pool:    
  • Analysis and monitoring of water
  • Consulting
  • Quoting
  • Pool inspections
  • Cleaning and maintenance of commercial pools
  • Cleaning and maintenance of residential pools
  • Cleaning and maintenance of spas and above ground pools
As prt of our social responsibility, we help promote the following causes:

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Our Mission:
Give life and salubrity  to your pool

Our Vision:
To be your first choice in pool service and  maintenance
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Recreational water illnesses
Risks for your pool:
Problems with your pool may cause multiple problems and excessive expenses that can be avoided.
To maintain quality standards, it is recommended to have external evaluations for the maintenance of the required levels of chemicals
for the pool. Diamond by Wet Pool offers this service for residential and commercial pools.
We are dedicated to water analysis and pool monitoring. We also offer cleaning and pool maintenance. We work with top notch lines.

Diamond by Wet Pool wants to help you maintain your pool in optimum healthy conditions and that your pool maintains all the required
parameters of regulating agencies..

Call us today at  787-679-2190 to coordinate an interview or visit  or click
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