Safety before and after hurricanes and tropical storms
We are sharing a few ideas of  what needs to be done around your pool prior  to the arrival of one of these natural
Remember...Prevention  is better than the cure, it is also easier  and
more economical. Protect the investment of your pool and ensure  that
the service you recieve is always the best!
  • Eliminate all pool furniture and plants that surround the pool, and contrary to public belief, do not  throw
    them in the pool, as the furniture can be damaged with the chlorine and also  damage the pool walls .
  • Lower the water level  by 3 -10 inches of  water, to accomodate the rains. Never drain your pool
  • The pumps should not be used after the water level has been reduced, to avoid damage to the same.
  • Extra chlorine should be added to avoid contamination.
  • Cover all equipment that is exposed to the elements.
  • Ground or bolt all the rest of equipment ( so that it does not become projectiles).
  • Turn off all of the connected equipment at the breakers, not at the  pumps.  

  • Do not empty out the pool.
  • Request  Wet Pool to give your pool  a superchlorination and remove all debris (Extra costs may be
  • Do not allow anyone to enter the pool immediately after superchlorination.
  • Start enjoying your pool again.
Basic safety
  • Do not allow anyone to enter the pool immediately after superchlorination
  • NEVER leave children unsupervised in pools.
  • Try to have several layers of protection in place such as:
          *  safety doors or gates
          *  barriers
          *  alarms      
  • NEVER swim in pools, spas or hot tubs that have broken or missing drain covers
  • Be prepared for emergencies       
  • Emphasize on proper pool behavior
  • NEVER allow any glass items to be used around the pool area
Safety is very important to
completely enjoy your pool. Here
are a few basic safety tips.
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Here are a series of  important
tips of what needs to be done
around your pool and equipment  
before and after a tropical storm or
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