Wet Pool offers you interesting  tidbits of  information related to pools:  
  • The  largest  pool in the world  is in San Alfonso del Mar in Chile. It is an artificial lagoon that is 8 hectars in size and
    contains  250,000 cubic meters of water. That is equivalent to 6,000 residential pools together. It has been recognized by the
    Guinness World Records.      

  • The first hot pools were created by the Romans, who used them for recreation, distinct from the places that were used for

  • The first interior pool was built in London, England in 1742.

  • The first passenger ships that had pools aboard were the  S. S. Olympic and its'  sister ship  Titanic, that had a heated pool.

  • Several hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada  actually have floating gambling tables in their pools.

  • Pools are used for hockey,  synchronized swimming, water polo, to teach how to scuba dive,  and to teach safeguarding  
    techniques. They are also used  to teach techniques  and abilities to austronauts, and for those that work in submarines
    and planes.

  • Swimmers live longer than walkers or runners

  • The  "turbo pump"  of the   Space Shuttle is so powerful that it can draina residential pool in  25 seconds.

  • For many years, Puerto Rico held the record of the longest pool in the world  with the pool at Cerromar in Dorado, P.R.

  • The  Gran Meliá Golf  Resort  in Coco Beach, Rio Grande has the largest  lagoon pool in Puerto Rico.

  • The dimensions of  an olympic pool are:
     Length- 164 feet (50 meters)
     Width-  84 feet (25 meters)
     Lanes- 8 to 10
     Width of lanes- 8 feet  2 inches (2.5 meters)
     Depth - at least  6 feet 7 inches (2.0 meters)
     Temperature - 25 to 28 degrees Celcius (77 to 82  F)
     Volume - At least  2,500 M^ 3, 660,000 US gallons (2,500,000 litres) but it varies with the depth of the pool

  • Even though pools may have differnt sizes and styles, all basically work the same way and have seven principal
    components. The principal  concept is to move the water in a cyclical manner.

  • Green algae is the most common problem of pools.

  • The word  piscina is  a latin word that described the first pools that were used by Roman emperors.

  • Romans  and Greeks constructed piscinas for athletic training,  for nautical games and for military excercises.

  • The San Juan Natatorium is considered among the best in the world.

  • The ideal pH  of  pool water is from 7.0  to 7.6. The pH of  our tears is between 7.2 to 7.4.
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